Create Interactive elearning Content

in a Completely Hands-On Approach
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361 students
Created by Sridhar Iyer


  • There is no prerequisite. Most of the tools are online based, hence the resources will be provided for the same.
  • Only prerequisite is a a clear mind full of creative ideas.


This course is created keeping the current needs amidst the pandemic situation all around the globe. The targeted audience will be able to learn how to create stunning e-Learning content, make interactive video lectures, design interactive quizzes, tests, conduct live lectures etc. They will also learn how to create cool animated explainer videos that too for free. Towards the end they will also learn how to make use of graphics tablets to make stunning lecture content and conduct lectures effectively.

Who this course is for:

  • Teachers, Academicians, Researchers and Interested Students
  • YouTube Content Creators

Beginner’s Course in System Security & Digital Forensics..

.. as an ethical hacker. Learn how to hack into a system and finally secure it using system security.
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87 students



  • Basic Programming knowledge.
  • A computer with internet connectivity.


Hello Everyone, I am Assistant Professor Mr. Sridhar Iyer, working with  the University of Mumbai for the last 7 years. I always believe in “Sharing Knowledge”.

I am rolling out a series of Video Tutorial Hands-On sessions on upcoming technologies and academic subjects based on my expertise and comfort.

I am beginning with lab sessions on a fairly new subject “Advanced System Security and Digital Forensics”.  I am a Certified Ethical Hacker by E.C. Council USA and have my core expertise in Cryptography and System Security.

I believe in sharing whatever knowledge and experience I have gained so far in my short but sweet stint as a Teacher.

I hope this series of lectures and lab sessions help you learn something useful and interesting.

Who this course is for:

  • Students interested in the field of information security
  • Students interested in learning basic ethical hacking and reconnaissance of a network
  • Students interested in learning digital forensics

Theory of Computation and Automata – Part 1

…Understanding the basics of automation
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Created by Sridhar Iyer


  • An open mind full of excitement to learn and grasp new things.


The course will walk you through the basics of Automata Theory, alternatively known as Theory of Computer/Computation Science. Its one of the most important subjects in the curriculum of Computer Science and Information Technology. All the modern day computers are designed on the basis of the simple automation models. We will learn some of those models in this part of the course.

The complete course is divided into 3 parts.:

Part 1: Introduction , Finite Automata and Introduction to Regular Expressions

Part 2 : Grammar and Push Down Automata

Part 3 : Turing Machines and Undecidability Problems

This course will cover the 1st part of the course.  Subsequent parts will be released in the follow up courses.

Who this course is for:

  • Students with an attitude to learn and solve problems
  • Students willing to understand the mathematics behind automation
  • Students who wish to learn Automata Theory and Theory of Computation