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UiPath RPA Understanding the REFramework Template [Hands-On]

This course is the first step for professionals who want to develop their knowledge and abilities in order to become Advanced UiPath RPA Developers, Solution Architects, or RPA Architects.

Learn to create your first UiPath RPA Robotic Process Automation with UiPath Studio using the best framework in this platform, the Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework.

This course aims to familiarise you with the REFramework template. By using the template, you will eventually be one step closer to developing UiPath automations that are ready for production.

Get your UiPath RPA Developer skills to the next level by learning the most used template within the UiPath world. The REFramework is a project template based on State Machines. It is designed to adhere to all UiPath best practices for logging, handling exceptions, application setup, and other areas so that it can handle complex business scenarios.

The REFramework Template contains several pre-made State containers for starting up apps, getting input data, processing it, and managing transactions. Each of these States is related to the others through a variety of Transitions that address practically all of the requirements in a typical Uipath RPA automation situation. Additionally, there are numerous invoked workflows, each of which handles a different portion of the project.

Learning to use the Robotic Enterprise Framework template will improve your abilities as an RPA developer in UiPath. This template helps you to manage complicated business scenarios, it adheres to all best practices for logging, handling exceptions, application setup, and other areas.

In this course, we’re going to focus on building a process using the REFramework template and tabular sourced data. This course will also show you how to adapt the REFramework template to handle Queue items by creating a Dispatcher and a Performer.

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